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Ulisse di James Joyce: i luoghi. I-III, Telemachus, Nestor, Proteus (James Joyce ItalishMagazineMap 02)

Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed

In questa mappa le “stazioni” del possibile percorso di Stephen Dedalus per l’inizio del suo viaggio nell’Ulisse di James Joyce.
Questo il tragitto più probabile.

[Fonte primaria: Rose, Danis. “Number 7., Eccles Street.” James Joyce Broadsheet 17 (1985)]

Partenza (08.45)
Destinazione (09. circa)
Martello Tower Sandycove Avenue East
Breffni Road
Ulverton Road
Dalkey Avenue (Mr Deasy’s School, Summerfield)


Partenza (10.circa)
Destinazione (10. circa)
Dalkey Avenue (Mr Deasy’s School, Summerfield) Village Gate
Ardeevin Road
Dalkey Station, Ardeevin Road


Partenza (10.11)
Destinazione (10. 32)
Dalkey Station, Ardeevin Road (Ferrovia) Lansdowne Road Station


Partenza (10.32)
Destinazione (10. 40)
Lansdowne Road Station Lansdowne Road
Newbridge Avenue
Tritonville Road
Sandymount Strand
La mia posizione
Ottieni i Percorsi

Title Telemachus Nestor Proteus
Scene The Tower The School The Strand
Hour 8am 10 am 11am
Colour White / gold Brown Green
Symbol Heir Horse Tide
People Telemachus, Mentor, Antinous, The Suitors, Penelope Telemachus, Nestor, Pisistratus, Helen Telemachus, Proteus, Menelaus, Helen, Megapenthes
Art/Science Theology History Philology
Technic Narrative (young) Catechism (personal) Monologue (male)
Meaning Dispossessed son in contest The wisdom of the ancients Primal matter


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