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Designing Ulysses: a chat with Rachel Kerr

Thank you Rachel, we are very happy to have you on Italish as part of our Bloomsday Special! We had a very “pragmatic” approach in mapping Ulysses: we are using Google Maps to map it… Meanwhile you came out with a gorgeous rendering of Dublin using Ulysses words in Leopold’s …

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500 times Italish Magazine!

Here we are: while very close to our third birthday  (Italish Magazine was born on Bloomsday, June 16th, 2010, 106 years the meeting between James Joyce e Nora Barnacle, Ulysses‘ day), we celebrate the 500th post with a huge special issue!

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Intervista a Nuala Kennedy: la tradizione è ora! – Nuala Kennedy interview: trad is now!

I don't believe traditional music needs to be refreshed. It is continuously evolving and changing anyway. When considering my own music, I don't consciously choose any one particular genre, I guess I pay attention to what music is around me. Io non credo che la musica tradizionale abbia bisogno di essere rielaborata: si evolve e si modifica comunque, di per sé. Parlando della mia musica, io non scelgo in maniera conscia un genere specifico, piuttosto presto attenzione a ciò che la musica è, intorno a me.

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