Róisín O releases Hold On video preview

Here at Italish we are all very excited, happy and honoured to host the preview of the brand new Hold On video by Róisín O!

It’s amazing for us to host Róisín, one of the artists involved in Glaoch – The president’s Call.

Róisín O is just finished a 14 date US tour and, on the back of her American success, she is heading to Germany in October for a 17 date tour supporting Ryan Sheridan (Róisín O’s debut album The Secret Life of Blue will be released in Germany, Austria & Switzerland on October 4th).

While we hope for an Italian tour, and we look forward for a Róisín’s interview on Italish, enjoy the video with us: a tiny, neat, beautiful story of a today Dublin that reminds us of the film Once, of Roddy Doyle’s beautiful working class characters, starred by Aaron “Love/Hate” Heffernan, and enriched by Róisín O’s voice:

near pitch-perfect, at times evoking the likes of Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom and Kate Bush

The Sunday Times


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