Q-ROB and ItalishMagazine: a modular and comprehensive proposal about web social media marketing

Marketing: on ItalishMagazine, with Q-ROB

web social media marketing on ItalishMagazineItalishMagazine is the perfect platform for web & social media marketing, with focus on the Italian market. There are many reasons to approach the Italian tourism market in a particular way. You can find more here, and the main reasons are:

  • Italian people like to find information in their own language;
  • Italian people love social networking.

Why is our proposal modular and comprehensive (more than “only” ItalishMagazine)?

We create high profile content about Ireland and its culture and heritage since 2010 here on Italish.eu.

What we suggest is a scalable marketing strategy which could integrate with your pre-existing audience.

We can provide and execute this strategy in Italian, Spanish, English.

We believe in the Agile Marketing Manifesto and we are price-flexible.

Q-ROB web social media marketing– Web Social Media Marketing Module 1 – Ghost Ad on ItalishMagazine blog

ItalishMagazine provides high quality contents about Irish literature, arts, music and film.

A link to your activity will be smoothly integrated in a rich blog-post provided with pictures and inbound and outbound links.

The contents will be placed also on a network of other travel related blogs at no additional cost.

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 2 – Guest post on ItalishMagazine blog

The opposite of the Ghost Ad Module: your business proudly sponsors a blog-post on ItalishMagazine.

You decide the topic, we write the blog-post for you.

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 3 – Advertising Banner
on ItalishMagazine blog

A 3 /6 /9 /12 months banner campaign on ItalishMagazine blog.

Modules 1-3 take advantage of our diffuse social media presence. From Tumblr to aNobii, from Instagram to Twitter and G+, we are in!

Not to mention our Facebook Page and Group.

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 4 – Blogging, ghost-writing, translation service

If you already own a blog, we can produce high quality content for it, as ItalishMagazine staff or as ghost-writers.

We can not only translate, but also localize and Search Engine optimize contents you already have on your site.

Remember: blogging is the best way to improve lead generation and SERP!

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 5 – Web design
and customized App

If you don’t yet own a website, or you think it’s time to upgrade your current one, (maybe because it is neither responsive nor adaptive, or it hasn’t all the social media buttons that deserves and needs…) we can provide a WordPress customized site which supports e-commerce and can be developed in a customized mobile App.

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 6 – Social media
and advertising campaigns

ItalishMagazine staff provide a strategy and execution of social media campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, integrating the pay per click strategies into a comprehensive social media strategy (Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Tripadvisor…).

– Web Social Media Marketing Module 7 – Join the
ItalishMagazine network

ItalishMagazine teams up with other businesses to provide the best and most varied support to your business.

Food Service business:
With Eazytable we provide an international (U.S.A., Germany, Italy) online booking & discount platform with no cost to your business.

Tour Guiding:
ItalishMagazine is a proud marketing partner of BeeMyGuide, a start-up which allows people to book high-quality tours in Italy, Ireland and England.

If you want to know more, feel free to reply or contact us on skype (qrobeire), hangout (qrobeire @ gmail . com), or here on ItalishMagazine (embedded Olark chat).

You can find Q-ROB on LinkedIn too.

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About QRob

Massimiliano "Q-ROB" Roveri writes on and about Internet since 1997. A philosopher lent to the IT world blogs, shares (and teaches how to blog and share) between Ireland and Italy.

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