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Italish has the goal to support Irish culture. This time, dear readers, we can do something more together: to help funding a bit of Irish culture, the An Irish Father movie!

An Irish Father after Two Gallants…

We hosted Carl Finnegan for an interview about Two Gallants last August. We are very happy to talk in this post about a new project for which Carl will be the director.

The movie is An Irish Father, and, yes: we ask here your help to fundraise it!

What is An Irish Father?

It is a co-production being made by Rose Finn Films & Moore for Less Productions. The film looks at mental health and the relationship between an estranged Father and Son who meet for the first time in nearly a decade.

It’s based on the real life experiences of screenwriters Carl Finnegan & Darren McGrath, the film’s psychology is based on the works of William Glasser, the developer of “Choice Theory”.

The film will be directed by Carl Finnegan and Co-Produced by Craig Moore, director/producer of Any Last Words and producer of Jacob Wrestling With the Angel.

Why crowdfunding?

For An Irish Father we intend to use more sophisticated cameras and equipment then on previous productions. Transport and Accomodation expenses will be required as we intend to use rural areas as key locations. Insurance is required on the production and we have factored in post production costs into our target amount. This will still be far below the value of filmmaking cost as many have already offered their services for free. We need to begin shooting this film in mid November and we will need half of overall target to achieve this first goal.

What is An Irish Father goal?

The overall aim of An Irish Father is to bring attention to the mental health in Ireland. This is your chance to get involved in socially responsible filmmaking telling a story of the heart. We have many perks to reward our supporters. Please help us make this project a reality. If you would like more details please contact us at dublinerfilm[@]

Carl Finnegan

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