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Italish Magazine 500!

Italish Magazine celebrates 500th post with a special issue! Next Friday, June 7th, greatest update with posts about Flann O’Brien, Andy Irvine, one of the giants of trad music, the Italo-Irish Literary Exchange 2013, the project about the Easter from Associazione Sogni Di Un Mondo Diverso, Neil Jordan interviewed by Patrick Mccabe and Dublin’s Duke Street Gallery!


Italish Magazine festeggia il 500mo post con una uscita speciale! Venerdì prossimo, sette giugno, superaggiornamento con post su Flann O’BrienAndy Irvine, uno dei mostri sacri della musica trad, l’Italo-Irish Literary Exchange 2013, il progetto sulla Easter Rising dell’Associazione Sogni Di Un Mondo Diverso, Neil Jordan intervistato da Patrick Mccabe e la Duke Street Gallery di Dublino!


We celebrate the 500th post on http://italish.eu/ with a huge special issue!




Paul Fagan about Flann O’Brien ant the coming of II International Flann O’Brien Conference in Rome






Discovering the Irish great folk singers



It seems we had something to say about Ireland in 3 years… ;-)


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