500 times Italish Magazine!

Here we are: while very close to our third birthday  (Italish Magazine was born on Bloomsday, June 16th, 2010, 106 years the meeting between James Joyce e Nora Barnacle, Ulysses‘ day), we celebrate the 500th post with a huge special issue!

Italish Magazine: words, focail, parole!


500 posts. To say nothing of the pages. 180,819 word. 180,819 published words. Because we are not quitting after 500 posts: 23,672 are in draft: coming next! ;-)

Italish Magazine: the writeaholics guild…


Who is writing to you right now… Well: he has already written enough! ;-) MaxMaG editor scores 175,606 parole (355 / post), our… Irish (well: Italish…) novelist Max O’Rover follows with 25,139 (423 / post). Coming next our dear guest Giampaolo Simi, with 1,416 (256 / post) in his Irish travelog, and Camilla Foglieri, the first “next Italish generation” editor with  1,024 word (256 / post).

Italish Magazine: May…be!


Sunny and travel-friendly months bring lot of contents to Italish : May (12,899 words), April (6,426) and June (12,701).

Italish Magazine: a weekend business!


Many posts have been published on Sunday, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday and Sunday (with Thursday) are the most feedbackish days, with more comments and interaction.

Italish Magazine: tops!


The History and Map of Irish Beers is actually your favourite post, the post about The Swell Season Documentary is the one watched for more time. Most used tag is Irlanda, with Ireland and Isole Aran. Music is the category with more (188) posts.

Italish Magazine: coming next

Italish project is growing up. We have a strong presence on social networks and we have launched our YouTube Channel. What’s next? We want to bring more interactivity on the site, to develop the new Arts category and to support many networking micro-project about arts and culture between Italy and Ireland.

About QRob

Massimiliano "Q-ROB" Roveri writes on and about Internet since 1997. A philosopher lent to the IT world blogs, shares (and teaches how to blog and share) between Ireland and Italy.

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