Italish goes to Dublin! #socialRenaissance

We are very happy to invite the audience of Italish to Would Brunelleschi have used Twitter? An encounter between the Renaissance and the social web.

Would Brunelleschi have used Twitter? An encounter between the Renaissance and the social web #socialRenaissance

Cantiere Creativo & BMLab Studio Associato – in association with Istituto Italiano di Cultura Dublino and Irish Architectural Archive.
Dublin, November 14th 2013, 6pm – Cartlann Ailtireachta na hÉireann (Irish Architectural Archive) 45 Merrion Square, D2

Ireland Italy business: a meeting, an opportunity

Maybe you don’t know that ItalishMagazine is a product of BMLab.

BMLab as partner of Cantiere Creativo, a Florence-based web company, is currently working on an innovation project for the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.


Why and how does a 717-year-old institution decide to go online, to go social, and to do all this in an agile way?

Italy has an astonishing “artistic density per square meter”: the aim of going online and going social is to amplify exponentially the value of that art and of the territory that hosts it.
If a museum goes online it gives the community to which it belongs a new tool for the radiation of its culture, and for the diffusion of knowledge of the community itself: a high resonance tool.
Because the museum is neither an island, nor a foreign body, it belongs to the territory itself. This is even more so in the case of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore as it has been on the territory for such long time!
And the resonance is worldwide: as is the case with the recently competed Instagram Challenge or the “made in the Renaissance” character who is going to be given a new – social – life in the present.

Ireland Italy business opportunities… in Agile

Moreover, the methodology with which the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore is going online (website, marketing plan, social management) is agile (a light mix of scrum and kanban).


The organization that started the Renaissance goes online and the parallel between the Renaissance and “internet” is inevitable. If Brunelleschi had had Twitter, he would have used it: innovation is a metatemporal concept, the innovation is abiding, the very concept of Renaissance means innovation and the currently running project entirely resonates with the tradition of renewal in continuity that “makes” the history of the Florentine Renaissance endeavor.

But, above all: if an organization born in 1296 can innovate its organizational flows, and in so doing reap financial and non-financial rewards… The whole world can do it!

The workshop will be the occasion to speak about BMLab – Cantiere Creativo links to Ireland and Ireland Italy business opportunities in web 2.0 and social marketing.

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