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Instagram Ireland e Italish su Instagram

All the best of Ireland on Instagram in one post: THIS post!

Instagram Ireland – Our Ireland: @italishmagazine Instagram account stream

Ireland on InstagramAs ItalishMagazine is now based in Dublin, it makes perfectly sense to share our previous – and present – experience of Ireland and Dublin on Instragram too: our Ireland on Instagram.

It has been an occasion to count our Irish photos…

Well: in something like 18,000 pics, shot between 1999 and today, between Dublin and Aran Islands, Cork and Inishowen, Derry and Galway, there are some very nice ones! ;-)


You can find all the pics from our account here:

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 id=”1689637197″]

Instagram Ireland – Our Ireland: our favourite hashtags #irishinside #irlandesidentro #eireannachistigh stream

We are #irishinside and we tag as it is! Use it to get connected with us.

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#irishinside”]

Even more Instagram Ireland… – #irelandgram

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#irelandgram”]

… #ireland

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#ireland”]

… #insta_ireland

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#insta_ireland”]

The Dear Dirty Dublin…

Dublin has a special place in our heart… Let’s celebrate the fair city via some interesting hashtags and Instagrammers


[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#dublingram”]


[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 type=hashtag hashtag=”#dublin”]

@dublindaily stream

Dublin, everyday, in black & white. A great one!

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 id=”789224124″]

@dublindiaries stream

Another great Instagrammer, all-Dublin stuff.

[instagram-feed num=5 cols=5 id=”2034768″]

So: if you love Ireland and are on Instagram, enjoy the Instacraic and follow us! :-)

Not only Instagram

ItalishMagazine uses a variety of social networks: we wait for hearing from you opn them too!

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