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Looking for startup co-founders in Dublin

ItalishMagazine is proudly made in Dublin with love by Q-ROB, and we are nerdy enough to look for startup co-founders in Dublin!

Bringing Italian startups in Ireland, while looking for startup co-founders in Dublin

As Q-ROB we already represent in Ireland BeeMyGuide and EazyTable.


is a friendly web application designed to support professional Guided Tours with Tour Sharing. The service is powered by a crowd funding system that allows participants to split the costs of the tour, save money and enjoy cultural heritage with people who share the same interests.

Industrious Beemyguides are already at work in Italy, England and Ireland.


is a discount ticket system for restaurants, already running in Italy, USA (New York), Germany. The web application is fully customizable by the restaurant, supporting social media, blogging, e-commerce.

Last but not least, Q-ROB is Ireland accountant for LeanPanda and WeLikeCRM.

But there is more…

Between social and big data:  three projects in need of startup co-founders in Dublin

But as Dublin is (probably) The Best City In The World To Start A Business, we want more!

We are currently working on three different projects and we would love to bring them in the luxuriant Dublin startup ecosystem.

Let name them Project X, Project Y, Project Z.

Project X

Do you think that you can’t develop a social network from ethical principles? Think again: Project X is all about that…

Project Y

Do you know the feeling that you get when people whom you hate share really good stuff on Facebook? In Project Y contents come before than people: you stay more focused, and maybe you are just wrong about the guy who shares so good stuff…

Project Z

1 + 1 = 2. But what if “1” is each and all fragments of the huge web ocean and you are the king of finding new funny, amazing, unbelievable combos between all that fragments, the king of Project Z?

In the end: curiosity doesn’t kill cats. Curiosity makes great stuff possible. If you hear a clicking in your head because X, Y or Z, we will be delighted to discuss with you about them!


Massimiliano “Q-ROB” Roveri:


About QRob

Massimiliano "Q-ROB" Roveri writes on and about Internet since 1997. A philosopher lent to the IT world blogs, shares (and teaches how to blog and share) between Ireland and Italy.

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