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Sponsors and Organizers of San Patrizio Livorno Festival

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Sponsor and organizers of San Patrizio Livorno Festival

Sponsors of San Patrizio Livorno Festival

Irish Embassy in Rome

Partnership & Sponsorship

Irish Embassy in Italy

Culture Ireland

Partnership & Sponsorship

culture ireland

Comune di Livorno

Media Partnership

comune di livorno

Travelling Ireland

Media Partner

Travelling Ireland is an Irish based website established in 2014.

Our goal is to guide and help our followers, plan and create their own authentic journey through Ireland.

We provide information to help fulfill the dreams of those wishing to visit Ireland, whether that be in their minds or in Ireland itself. Our passion is Ireland!

travellingireland - sponsor - splf - italishmagazine

Enoteca Alessi

Sponsor & Provider

Enoteca Alessi – in business since 1952 – will be one of the suppliers to the Ex-Cinema Aurora on the occasion of the San Patrizio Livorno Festival 2019.

enoteca alessi - sponsor - splf - italishmagazine

Organizers of San Patrizio Livorno Festival


Organizer & Provider

Q-ROB is, since 2014, the brand name of Massimiliano “Max” Roveri for his activities of web & social media marketing and cultural mediation between Ireland and in Italy.

q-rob - manager - splf - italishmagazine

Ex Cinema Aurora

Organizer & Venue

Halfway a squat an Irish pub, Ex Cinema Aurora centre is the venue of San Patrizio Livorno Festival. Ex Cinema Aurora is a pub, restaurant, conference and movie hall. It hosts cultural and political events.

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