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Marco Vichi, Italian Guest of Honour of the San Patrizio Livorno 2019 #SPLF with Banville and Dunne

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Marco Vichi, Italian Guest of Honour of the San Patrizio Livorno 2019 #SPLF

Dublin, Ireland, August 1st 2018

Marco Vichi, famous Florentine writer, winner of Premio Scerbanenco and creator of Commissario Bordelli, is the Italian Guest of Honour of the San Patrizio Livorno Festival 2019.

He joins Catherine Dunne, Premio Letterario Giovanni Boccaccio winner; and John Banville, Booker Prize winner.

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Marco Vichi, John Banville, Catherine Dunne: Dublin meets Florence in Livorno

#SPLF 2019 Guests of Honour statements

Marco Vichi

I am very happy to be part of the San Patrizio Livorno Festival 2019 alongside writers of the calibre of Catherine Dunne and John Banville.

In these times in which barriers have been built, I like the idea of being part of an independent initiative which is a bridge between two countries. I am also quite intrigued about this clash / meeting between Florence and my Bordelli on one side, Dublin and Banville’s Quirke on the other.

Looking forward to seeing you in Livorno, March 2019!

Catherine Dunne

It’s always a joy to be involved in a project that has been brought to life with a mix of passion and professionalism: and that’s how the SPLF, or the San Patrizio Livorno Festival, was born.

My thanks to Massimiliano Roveri and Federica Sgaggio for inviting me to be a guest of honour at next year’s festival, along with Marco Vichi and that most internationally revered of all Irish writers, John Banville.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen even further the cultural ties that already exist between Ireland and Italy.
And it will, of course, be another most welcome chance to visit the Ex-Cinema Aurora in Livorno and to enjoy the warm hospitality of Annalisa, Giacomo and all their staff.

John Banville

I first visited Livorno many, many years ago, in the early days of what turned out to be a passionate, life-long love affair with Italy.

Since then I have returned many times to that sublime coast, and always with the deepest happiness and lightness of spirit. The prospect of attending a festival in that lovely city by the Ligurian Sea fills me with the keenest anticipation.

The world has entered another one of its periodic dark times, and every gesture towards culture, grace, beauty is to be cherished. Books still matter, reading is still one of the great, invigorating and life-enhancing pleasures.

What better initiative can a city make than to celebrate the art of literature in its streets and public places? And then, of course, there is the cucina, the vino, and the dolce far niente.

Which leaves one nothing more to say except: Evviva!

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