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John Banville’s support for San Patrizio Livorno Festival

The kind words from John Banville, SPLF’s Lifetime Patron.

The San Patrizio festival in Livorno is a pure delight. I took part in it some years ago, in the palmy days before covid, and enjoyed it immensely – and, who
knows, I may even have been the cause of a few among the audience also enjoying the occasion…

It’s a great festival, bringing, as it does, a little bit of Ireland and Irish culture to the glorious west coast of northern Italy, and creating a mutual exchange of
ideas, interests and simple gioia de vivere among the participants and the public.

A festival such as this calls for a great deal of application and work from the organisers. And money, of course, is always a headache. So I say to the
sponsors: go on, dig deep. The returns will entirely exceed your investment.

I also want to thank the Comune di Livorno, Culture Ireland and the Irish Embassy in Rome for their support: Grazie Mille.
I am sure that on June 16-18, the audience at the quirky, wonderful Ex Cinema Aurora venue will be in for a treat.
Buona fortuna, SPLF!

John Banville

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