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Italian tourism in Ireland: why you should team up with Italish

Tourism Ireland has developed a 3 years strategy about Italian tourism in Ireland.

And that strategy gives you many reasons to pay attention to the Italian market in tourism.

The reasons for which probably you should evaluate a partnership with our team if you are interested in reaching Italian tourists.

Italian tourism in Ireland: some figures

According to the Italian Strategy for Growth 2013-2015 from Tourism Ireland 300,000 Italians will visit Ireland in 2015 (30,000 in Northern Ireland).

It is a a very large potential market. A market which some peculiarities:

  • Italian people like to find information in its own language.
  • Italian people love social networks.

Italian tourism in Ireland: your business and Italish

1 – Some Data

ItalishMagazine exists since June 2010. The growth of visitors and pageviews is constant.

Visitors Growth

  • 2012/2013: +132%
  • 2013/2014: +67%

Pageviews Growth

  • 2012/2013: +118%
  • 2013/2014: +51%

A significant part of audience is from Italy:

% Of Italian visitors

  • 2012: 72%
  • 2013: 69%
  • 2014: 66%

2 – Why ItalishMagazine is good for you

The Italian visitors of ItalishMagazine represent very well the categories spotted by Tourism Ireland:

  • The Culturally Curious
  • The Social Energisers
  • The Great Escapers

ItalishMagazine provides a wide variety of high profile contents about Irish culture and landscapes.

Moreover, with our #ItalishMagazineMap format, we connect our contents straight to the territory.

Along with our events bulletin in Italian, we provide a perfect mix of what -where – when info to our audience.

This is the reason for which a sponsored blogpost on ItalishMagazine is a great way to interact with your Italian potential market. To reach it.

3 – Not only ItalishMagazine: why Italish web services are good for you

ItalishMagazine is a product from an international team of Web an Social Media Marketing professionals. We are now based in Dublin

We can give your Web & Social Media Marketing in Italian, English and Spanish a boost, providing Social Media Marketing strategies and execution, content curation, blogging and customized Apps for your tourism business.

Of course we are not the only provider of these services.

But we are probably the only provider which can help you in all aspects and phases of a Web & Social Media Strategy, supporting it with a social media presence about Ireland which already reaches thousands of potential clients.

4 – Modularity and Scalability

If a direct connection between your tourism business and ItalishMagazine is perfect for small companies, our skills and partnerships can help also in case of big or very big companies, providing fully customized sites and Apps and social customer care solutions.

Italish Magazine is made with love between Dublin and Florence by Q-ROB and BMLab.


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