Sunday , April 2 2023
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Ireland – Italy connections are back. Let’s share your story

The restrictions are easing at last and the close connection between Italy and Ireland is getting back to some sort of normal.

Versione Italiana.

As ItalishMagazine, we decided to celebrate the improving situation with a series of posts dedicated to Irish businesses with an Italian customer base, and vice versa.

In the spirit of ItalishMagazine, we will give priority to businesses that:

  • are related to arts and crafts and, in a broader sense, to culture;
  • stand for the same values ItalishMagazine stands for: inclusivity, equality, and fairness.
    • In the case of businesses related to tourism & accommodation, we’d like to highlight those that promote eco-friendliness and environmental awareness.

In general, our focus will be on Irish businesses that have strong, positive connections with Italy, and vice versa.

Feel free to start a conversation via

Selected posts will be published on in English and Italian.

About QRob

Massimiliano "Q-ROB" Roveri writes on and about Internet since 1997. A philosopher lent to the IT world blogs, shares (and teaches how to blog and share) between Ireland and Italy.

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