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Flaggy Shore

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Flaggy Shore – a poem by Liam O’Broin

Just as Heaney
Had instructed,
I made the time
To drive out west
Into County Clare,

Until I could go no further,

And stopped at Furbo.

With nothing Particular in mind,
Apart from the land Itself.

I switched off the engine
And caught the first sounds
Of the Atlantic.

Galway North.
Clare South.
America West.

At home,
Neither here
Nor there.
Caught floating
In between limestone
And surf.

The hard and soft
of it.

The song and dance
of it.

My heart lifts
And all falls away.

About Liam O'Broin

Liam O'Broin lives in Dublin where he divides his time between coaching, writing, music, photography and various other creative challenges that push him to the limits of his comfort zone. In addition to poetry he has dabbled in playwriting and has acted in productions of The Beauty Queen of Leenane, The Shadow of a Gunman, A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocers Assistant, Give me your Answer Do, and War.

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