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Case study: #avventoalessi Pinterest board for Enoteca Alessi winery, Florence

We started to support Enoteca Alessi content and social media strategy last summer. #avventoalessi Pinterest board has been our first cross-media marketing activity.

 Pinterest management for Enoteca Alessi

We are now supporting Enoteca Alessi, one of the most important winery in Florence, developing contents both in Italian and in English.

#avventoalessi has been the Advent calendar for the Enoteca in Italian. You can find it on Pinterest.

avventoalessi pinterest board


It wasn’t just another Pinterest board (Pinterest is a tool that we already used for Italish Magazine and Opera del Duomo Firenze as well): the “Pins” were the special offer or event of the day, not online, but in the winery, in the Enoteca: an online activity, so, that was supposed to have an offline “tail”, an analogical output and call to action.

We planned 28 days of activity: exactly 4 weeks, ending on Christmas Eve.

We deployed the offers / events as Pinterest Pins in the related board at the start of the activity, then we repinned them on the day they were going live at the winery.

We repinned the offer / event in the “oggi in Enoteca” (today at the winery) board too, which is about all the events set in the winery.

In the 28 days we reshared the “Pin of the day” on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Meanwhile the most important offers and events have been supported with blogposts.

#avventoalessi output

Enoteca Alessi site traffic growth of:

  • +83% (sessions);
  • +80% (Users);
  • +59% (Pageviews) compared to the same period of 2013;
  • +320% the traffic from Social channels.

Furthermore, with #avventoalessi started also the interaction with visitors at the enoteca, with spontaneous Facebook and Foursquare check-ins.

More, better: Q-ROB 2015 strategy for Enoteca Alessi

So #avventoalessi has been the beginning of the “second phase” of our support to Enoteca Alessi: we are blogging about the sumptuous food heritage of Tuscany and the wondrous range of great spirits, wine and delis of the Enoteca now in English too.

In the late January we added Instagram to the Enoteca Social Networks panel: in the next months we are going to use Instagram for more cross-media marketing activities (stay tuned for #enotecaalessiintheworld…).

… With an Irish twist…

As we work for the Enoteca from Dublin, it had to happen sooner or later..

We are planning an Irish whiskeys social tasting experience before Saint Patrick Day: the Enoteca and its social media profiles will be greener for a week! ;-)

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