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San Patrizio Livorno Festival

Call for Sponsors SPLF

Call for Sponsors San Patrizio Livorno Festival – #SPLF

Why be a SPLF Sponsor

Born in 2018, the SPLF is now a reference in the landscape of St Patrick’s Day events, and more generally that of Irish-themed cultural events in Italy. Due to its ‘hybrid’ nature, SPLF’s audience is both Italian and Irish, ideal for organisations and companies involved in the world of publishing, travel, tourism and, in the Livorno area, the service sector in general.

How to become a SPLF Sponsor

For further information and to proceed towards the finalisation of the Sponsorship, please send an email to: For institutional bodies, customised Sponsorship solutions can be evaluated. In general, customized barter solutions for goods and services are possible too.

SPLF: Media Partnership

For non-profit and voluntary organizations close to the mission of ItalishMagazine and the San Patrizio Livorno Festival, it is possible to evaluate the position of Media Partner, for a co-marketing activity agreement that does not imply any expenses. For information on this possibility, please send an email to:

SPLF Sponsorship Levels and Rates

Platinum Gold Silver Patron
Prezzo €5.000 €2.500 €1.000 €250
Maximum number of Sponsors per Level 01 03 05 unlimited
Sponsored content on the blog 05 03 01 01 (shared)
Stand Yes No No No
VIP Pass 03 02 01 No
Events named by the Sponsor 03 (shared) 02 (shared) 01 (shared) No
Logo on Printed Banner Yes, Top Yes, Big Yes, Medium Yes, Small
Logo on website Yes, Top Yes, Big Yes, Medium Yes, Small
Logo on programme Yes, Top Yes, Big Yes, Medium Yes, Small
Direct Marketing: brochure in tote bag Yes Yes Yes No
Direct Marketing: gadget in tote bag Yes Yes Yes No
Direct Marketing: flyer in tote bag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recruiting advertising Yes No No No
Digital Marketing: newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Marketing: Social Media Yes, 3/day Yes, 2/day Yes, 1/day Yes, 1/festival
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

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