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Basciville’s interview – The road to SPLF 2020

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The Basciville duo are among the Irish guests of the SPLF 2020. We asked them a few questions about their involvement.

IM – What do you know of the SPLF, how did you get involved?

Basciville – I’m sorry to say we knew little about the festival until this year, more so through our private ignorance I might add.
We were lucky enough to be asked by Peter Murphy to work on a new project he was involved in. It’s always a pleasure to soundscape to Peter’s words but when the words literary festival and Italy were spoken we were sold.

IM – What are you going to do in Livorno?

Basciville – Well, besides making art with great people we plan on exploring ardently the local cuisine and vino. We’d also love to see Fortezza Vecchia if we get the chance!

IM – What do you expect from the SPLF2020?

Basciville – We hope to meet many like minded people and share and spread our love for Irish literature as well as discover some new authors or books.

IM – What do you know about Italian literature/ arts? Any author, book, you know and like?

Basciville – I recently read ‘The Leopard’ by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, which I enjoyed immensely. I would say two films in my top ten favourites of the last decade are Italian, being The Great Beauty and Lazzaro Felice.

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