Can you see Barrytown? #instabarrytown Barrytown Trilogy Challenge

It’s all (of course…) about Dublin: take a look at our Barrytown Trilogy map.

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The Commitments is a 1987 book: since then lots of things happened: The movies, the musical, the fourth book about Jimmy Rabbitte (The Guts), Roddy Doyle on Facebook… And, finally The Barrytown Trilogy will be the next One City, One Book.

As it’s all about Dublin, why don’t try to bring the spirit of the trilogy on Instagram as well, with #instabarrytown Challenge?

#instabarrytown Barrytown Trilogy Challenge:

a call for all the #dublinigers

The mission of #instabarrytown Instagram challenge is to capture and share the spirit of the books and of the city. Our map can be a great source of inspiration, but it’s up to you where to spot the perfect #instabarrytown photo: in a pub, on O’Connell Street…


#instabarrytown: what can come next


instagram challengeWe have proudly been part of the team which developed the Instagram Challenge for Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Florence.

The output of the Challenge has been a beautiful book.

We think that #instabarrytown can bring together great instagramers and we’d love, as a second stage of the project to develop the most liked pics in a photobook to be sold, analogically and digitally, to support Dublin charities.

Suggestions, support are all very welcome: this page will host the pics streaming of #instabarrytown from Instagram: let’s keep it huge and f*ing brilliant!


#instabarrytown criteria / elegibility


  • All Instagram terms and conditions applied;
  • Use the #instabarrytown and #DublinOneCityOneBook hashtags;
  • Mention @italishmagazine;
  • Geolocalize the picture.


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