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This time is personal: #DublinhugsMG

But not, it is not an off-topic post. It’s just that I need a bit of help from the city that I love so much and that I live in. Yes: we are talking about Dublin. And about #DublinhugsMG.

The story so far

I live in Dublin since March. I am here for a restart. Something very close to a new life.

And I am here and not somewhere else because I love Ireland, I love Dublin. I think that you can try to have a brand new life only in a place that you love, only in a place that you belong to. The place that it’s home to me. To us.

Yes, because there it is an “us”. Since twenty-seven years ago we are MaxMaG, Max and Mary Grace.

So, what’s the problem?

We haven’t finalized the relocation yet, so this is going to be the first Christmas after twenty-seven years that we will not spend together.

It is a bit excruciating. But there is a but.

I think that it can be a little bit better, with a little bit of help from Dublin.

Probably what I love most about the Dubliners is their kindness and empathy.

Well, what I am asking to my… fellow citizens is to support my present for Mary Grace. The present is a HUGE social hug for her.

I’d say a 10.000 likes on Facebook, and the use of #DublinhugsMG on Twitter could be awesome.

So, dear dirty Dublin, it’s up to you now…

PS: hugs are very welcome from all over the world. It’s just a little bit more of happiness on the planet.

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