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Caitriona Lally’s ‘Eggshells’: the interview

On the road (of Dublin) again with Caitriona Lally’s Eggshells. Our interview to Caitriona.

I libri di Max O'Rover

Catherine Dunne interviews Max O’Rover

I can just say that I am happy and very proud of this. Thank you so much, Catherine. It’s an honor for me.

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FleadhTv Is Back!

FleadhTV, the ratings success story for TG4 last year, returns Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th August 2015 for four nights of the very best in Irish traditional and contemporary music.


Do you want to rent to Italian tourists in Dublin?

ItalishMagazine is the blogsite in Italian about Ireland with a special twist: a huge attention to Irish culture and heritage, which brings us to develop high profile contents about Irish literature, movies, books.

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New Releases: Four Winds debut album – Interview with Caroline Keane

Four Winds is an Irish traditional music band that got together in 2013. The idea of forming a band had been in all four members mind for a while.

Musica irlandese

An Italish Band, an Italish Tour! Mardi Gras Irish Playground ’15

We already had Mardi Gras on ItalishMagazine and we are very happy to support them spreading the voice about their tour in Ireland: Irish Playground 2015!

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Cycling in Ireland: Cian Ginty interview

Cian Ginty @cianginty is a freelance journalist and the editor. We had a chat with him about the state of cycling in Ireland and the Dublin metropolitan area.


Video games set in Ireland..? Do it yourself! Skyrish Project

There are not many video games set in Ireland. What about adding a couple of them..?


Looking for startup co-founders in Dublin

ItalishMagazine is proudly made in Dublin with love by Q-ROB, and we are nerdy enough to look for startup co-founders in Dublin!


Italian tourism in Ireland: why you should team up with Italish

Tourism Ireland has developed a 3 years strategy about Italian tourism in Ireland.

And that strategy gives you many reasons to pay attention to the Italian market in tourism.