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No, non abbiamo sbagliato titolo e non stiamo parlando di un eventuale seguito di Rory E Ita: stiamo parlando di Rory Gallagher e Phil Lynott, le leggende del rock irish.
Colm Henry è ‘il’ fotografo del rock (e del trad) irlandese. In occasione dell’apertura della sua galleria a Dun Laoghaire ha presentato alcune ‘foto perdute’ tra cui quella, rarissima, di Rory Gallagher e Phil Lynott che suonano insieme.
Artist rediscovers photos thought lost to history

By Ken Sweeney
Friday October 15 2010

THE only known photograph of late rock stars Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher performing together has been re-discovered after 28 years.

The image, taken at an open-air concert at Punchestown Racecourse in July 1982, was only unearthed two weeks ago by photographer Colm Henry.

Once Ireland’s top rock photographer, the Meath man spent the 1980s photographing some of the biggest names in music, both at home and abroad, and is now rediscovering these images as he trawls his huge archives for a new gallery.

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