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Gerard McSorley in “An Irish Father”!

The funding campaign of An Irish Father movie is running. And the father is… Gerard McSorley!

While the campaign on FundRazr is running, we know know who will act as the Father: and it’s a damned good reason for funding An Irish Father!

Gerard McSorley is An Irish Father

Gerard McSorley

Gerard McSorley

IFTA winning Irish actor Gerard McSorley leads the cast of the new Irish short film An Irish Father. Carl Finnegans, director of the film, will co-star opposite Gerard.

Carl Finnegan

Carl Finnegan

According to Carl Finnegan,

We’ve been collaborating and rehearsing with Gerard on this project for a number of months and we feel this will be a significant performance from one of Irelands greatest actors.

Gerard McSorley is a phenomenal film and theatre actor known at an international level for his great performances. . We’re a group of young Irish filmmakers doing it for ourselves and we’re delighted that Gerard recognises our potential.

Gerard McSorley, from Omagh, County Tyrone, starred in Robin Hood with Russel Crowe, Braveheart with Mel Gibson and Veronica Guerin (true story of an Irish journalist assassinated by drug dealers) With Cate Blanchett.

Craig Moore

Craig Moore

An Irish Father is co-produced by Craig Moore, the funding campaign will run until December 21st.

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