BeeMyGuide Lands in Ireland

BeeMyGuide, the tour sharing, comes to Ireland, also with a little help form Italish!

It has been almost a year since we brought Brunelleschi in Dublin.

Meanwhile the team behind Italish has continued to explore the land between culture and social media, Ireland and Italy.

So we are very happy to let BeeMyGuide – the made in Florence startup which I’d define the Uber of travel guiding – come to Ireland.

Because BeeMyGuide can act in the travel guiding field what Uber is doing in the field of vehicles for hire: BeeMyGuide is a brand new way to enjoy tourism, a brand new way to interact with with travel guides, supporting also niche tours and reshaping tours in a true social experience.

With Tour Sharing it is possible to share the costs of a tour with people who have the same interests. The principles of crowdfunding are now applied to guided tours.

It is no coincidence that BeeMyGuide was born in Florence, the city with “the highest artistic square metre density in the world”, and it is no coincidence to bring BeeMyGuide in Ireland: a Country which is startup friendly and pays great attention to tourism, making of it a boost for the economic growth (Ireland is 5th in the top 10 countries to visit Lonely Planet List).

Dublino nascosta è su BeeMyGuide

BeeMyGuide is going to have the support of Q-ROB in the web marketing field and the expertise of Italish about Ireland and Irish culture.

The very first Irish BeeMyGuide tours will be “our” #cronachedadublino, along with Carmen Cutrì’s Dublino Nascosta e Dublín Escondida di Carmen Cutrì.

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