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#happybday Christy Moore

Happy birthday, Christy Moore! A special present from Italy 

Geographically he was in limbo sings Christy Moore in Casey

Well, here at ItalishMagazine we had the idea to bring the Irish geography of Christy’s songs out of that limbo on a… Very special Google Map.

We have spent quite a lot of time scanning the whole Christy Moore’s work in the way we like: making with it (we hope) a great web-content about Irish culture. We decided then to publish this map as a present for Christy’s birthday.
So, Christy, Breithlá Shona Dhuit from Italy, and thank you for your music. We hope to see you soon, to shake hands with you and, who knows, maybe one day have an interview with you on our webmagazine!
We do really hope Christy Moore’s fans will appreciate this map, and we’d really love to have feedback about this and grow new friendships and opportunities to share wonderful Christy’s music not only in Ireland.

Paddy on the Streetview: a Christy Moore Songs’ webgeography

online on @00.01am GMT of may 7th, Christy’s bithday.

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