Dicembre ricco per Centre for Creative Practices


Seguiamo sempre volentieri le iniziative del Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP), una delle realtà e delle iniziative della Dublino che ci piace: una Dublino aperta, interraziale, multiculturale.

Se siete a Dublino, non perdetevi il Multicultural Winter Arts Show & Fair di  CFCP!




Sat 1st of Dec at 8:30pm-10pm Faerylights & Faerytales





Sun 2nd of Dec at 9pm-11:20pm Kavorka Jazz Concert





Thu 6th of Dec at 5pm-7:20pm First Thursday






Sun 9th of Dec at 4pm-5:30pm The Tibetan Gong and Bowls bath Sound Massage Therapy





Tue 11th of Dec at 8pm-11pm North Side Drive Concert




Sat 15th of Dec at 2pm-4pm DabbledooMusic





Sat 15th of Dec at 8pm-9:50pm Hidden Memories A concert of vocal and electronic works


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